Friday, September 7, 2012

First Reviews of Beast Saga Getting Out... in Japanese

We'll be posting more Beast Saga stuff than is sensible over the coming days, largely because nobody knows what the heck it is.  Armorvors are fun Glyos figures. Diamond's Battle Beasts are awesome Minimates.  But these?  These are a mystery.

A Japanese blogger posted a review packed with new images and some details, but there's a catch: they're in Japanese.  Google Translate can help with some of this, although it's not a perfect match, it's still more English than you had before.  It looks like the figures are largely rubbery/soft plastic like the classic Battle Beasts, with a harder plastic plunger and dice launcher in the chest.  

Presumably importers will be getting them very very soon, and then you can expect to see an uncomfortable amount of English-language commentary from your fellow American man-children discussing the latest Japanese toy for kids.  Until then, check this out.

1 comment:

  1. Looks like the trigger mechanism on the back sticks out while the dice is in. I didn't realize that the game portion of the toy would actually be a built in feature of the figure itslef. I'll have to rethink collecting these as I'm not sure about the trigger sticking out of the back.

    Maybe there's a way to leave the dice in and remove the trigger mechanism?