Thursday, January 29, 2015

New Rise of the Beasts Live Now - Green Drop's live!  The Little Rubber Guys store has a new drop of 4 Rise of the Beasts figures!

Unpainted figures are $4.00, painted (pictured) are $7.00.  The drop is earlier than planned, as I managed to request/beg for early samples and let me tell you - they're great.  You'll see a review here next week but if you can't wait, go ahead and grab some painted guys while you can.   They're pretty fantastic!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Meet the New Armorvors: Neo Granthans
The Onell Design Armorvor - previously a wolf figure inspired by the Battle Beasts - has been redesigned!  A new trio of figures are live now at their store called Neo Granthans

Black, Brown, and silver armored figures are on sale right now at $10.00 a piece, but most of the run has already sold through.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Rise of the Beasts: Four New Figures Coming
Good news, everyone! Over on Instagram, New Rise of the Beasts 3D printouts are there for the seeing.

A horned lizard (shown) looks incredible alongside an ant, a lion, and an ape.  No release date has been listed, but fear not - a new, green drop of the rhino and scorpion are due soon and they're pretty dang fantastic. (Also, sitting on my desk.)   Stay tuned for more, including weapons!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Review: Plastic Imagination Rise of the Beasts Rhinoceros - Silver Mail-Away Redemption

Plastic Imagination Rise of the Beasts Rhinoceros - Silver Mail-Away Redemption Action FigureO nameless beast, from you we can know the great secret of the universe! Maybe not - but I will say that the Rhinoceros - Silver Mail-Away Redemption is a low-run mail-in freebie cast in metallic black PVC and painted exceptionally well. He has no name of his own, and the figure itself is basically the grey painted one with silver swapped out - and man, is it pretty. I work mostly in a basement so it's darker down here and the silver positively glows. The reflective paint looks sharp.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Meet the Ghoatbusters Combat Creatures
Who ya gonna call?  These guys!  Combat Creatures continues the 80s parody creature figures with a new entry over on Shapeways.  You're going to dig the Ghoatbusters - a four-pack with Bray, Bleater, Angon, and Winshorn.

The four-pack is surprisingly cheap - only $50 for the set. 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Green Rise of the Beasts Figures Coming
Via Kickstarter -  Army Green Color Samples and new characters in the works! 

The Rise of the Beasts line actually came out this year, and not a moment too soon. The figures are quite good, and two of them have taken up semi-permanent residence on my desk. And apparently they're going to go green shortly.  The posting also makes reference to 4 new characters, which I am certainly looking forward to seeing.

Review: Plastic Imagination Rise of the Beasts Scorpion - Flesh

Plastic Imagination Rise of the Beasts Scorpion - Flesh Action FiguresIt's Christmas, so let's look at something that I didn't necessarily originally want. The 60mm Scorpion - Flesh is one of three unpainted figures from the initial runs of these molds, and dagnabbit, it's pretty good. Creator Jon Karis runs, which covers the male action toy figures that are too small to be deemed "action figures" by the serious (read: boring) adult collector. It's a wonderful site and a great resource, mostly because this is where you're going to see Japanese capsule figures or American Garbage Pail Kids figures early - it's not wildly active, but it's one of those sites that I personally find informative and useful. The biggest success in that little rubber figure space is, in the eyes of many American fans, Mattel's M.U.S.C.L.E. - and this figure (as well as his Rhino companion) are a tribute to that classic line of toy figures.