Beast Saga Checklist

What's out?  What's coming?  Have a look!

Available Now:
__ BS01: Land Gloria 3-Pack with Big Serow, Laiorga, Geedam (Jidam)
__ BS02: Kingdom of Sea Death 3-Pack with Sealence (Coelence), Killer Shark, Pirazon
__ BS03: Figure Assortment, 24 piece case, 8 characters (Clear versions of Raioga, Eredoramu, Long Tsurafu, Swordbill, Dorufan, Bamed, Moriku, Killer Shark)
__ BS04: Liorga (Raioga, Lion)
__ BS05: Eledram (Eredoramu, Elephant)
__ BS06: Long Giraf (Long Tsurafu, Giraffe)
__ BS06: Billsword (Swordbill, Sailfish)
__ BS08: Dorfan (Dorufan, Dolphin)
__ BS09: Bamet (Bamed, Bird)
__ BS10: Moreek (Moriku, Maurice, Bat)
__ BS11: Magic Rod Booster A Dice
__ BS12: Magic Rod Booster B Dice
__ BS13: Dice Battle Field
__ BS14: Dice Battle Colosseum
__ BS15: Kingdom of Sky 3-Pack with Eagle, Falcan (Falcon), Bundot (Pigeon)
__ BS16: Gyarison G (Garrison G, Gorilla)
__ BS17: Aldyle (Arudairu, Crocodile)
__ BS18: Rynas (Rhinoceros)
__ BS19: Tarlock (Turtle)
__ BS20: DX Starter Set with Wolfen (Wolf), Repermint (Panther), Donwhale (Whale), Olrich (Orca), Owlmyty (Owl), and Rainborsam (Parrot)
__ BS21: Starter Set with Janjan (Panda), Golder (Tiger), Sianbi (Cat)  
__ BS22: Figure Assortment, 24 piece case  (Clear versions of Eagle, Golder, Gyarison G, Tarlock, Rynas, Kanigaru, Panikusu, Aldyle)
__ BS22: Kannigal (Kangaroo)
__ BS23: Bunikis (Rabbit)
__ BS25: Magic Rod Booster C Dice
__ BS26: Magic Rod Booster D Dice
__ BS27: Jipuroto Bikuru 01 Tank Micro Vehicle
__ BS28: Jipuroto Bikuru 02 Jyro Micro Vehicle
__ BS29: Beast Sofubi Collection 01 Raioga Vinyl Figure
__ BS30: Beast Sofubi Collection 02 Killer Shark Vinyl Figure
__ BS31: Beast Sofubi Collection 03 Captain Eagle Vinyl Figure
__ BS32: Ogre (Lioness) 
__ BS33: Buffam (Bull)
__ BS34: Seylas (Walrus)
__ BS35: Jipuroto Bikuru 03
 __ BS36: Beast Fight Collection Aljaro (Armadillo)
__ BS37: Beast Fight Collection Mantarei (Manta Ray)
__ BS38: Beast Fight Collection Guereu (Frog)
__ BS39: Jipuroto Bikuru 04
__ BS40: Figure Assortment, 24 piece case  (Mantarei, Ogre, Buffam, Aljaro, Guereu, Dakka,  Morugan, Wolfen)
__ BS41: Beast Fight Collection Morugan
__ BS42: Beast Fight Collection Dakka (Platypus)
__ BS43: Beast Fight Collection Wonderlippa (Dog Doctor)
__ BS45: Beast Fight Collection Red
__ BS46: Beast Fight Collection Blue
__ BS47: Super Win Deck Impact (Black Ver. Killer Shark, Aldyle, Olrich)
__ BS48: Jipuroto Bikuru 06 vehicle
__ BS49: Jipuroto Bikuru 07 (Launching mini-vehicle)

Gachagacha Capsule Toy Series:
__ GachaBooster Vol. 1 General Hawk Knight 
__ GachaBooster Vol. 1 Killer Shark
__ GachaBooster Vol. 1 Liorga
__ GachaBooster Vol. 1 Panda
__ GachaBooster Vol. 1 Dice Pack A
__ GachaBooster Vol. 1 Dice Pack B

Promotional Figures:
__ Big Serow (unpainted deer, September 2012)
__ Sealence (Coelence, unpainted coelacanth, September 2012)
__ Geedam (Jidam, unpainted hamster, August 2012)
__ Pirazon (unpainted piranha, August 2012)
__ Bunikis (unpainted rabbit, ?? 2013)
__ Kannigal (unpainted kangaroo, ?? 2013)

Upcoming Releases:
__ BS44: ???

__ BS50: TBD vehicle? (780 yen)
__ BS51: TBD Vehicle 
__ BSTBD: Fish
__ BSTBD: Zebra

How much do they cost?
Single figures are labeled 525 yen, which at current exchange rates would probably put them at US$6.50-$7.00.  Importers may tack on extra fees to cover freight from Japan or their own expenses.  Multipacks seem to be priced accordingly.

How big are they?
They are a hair above the original 1980s Battle Beasts, and in line with Diamond Select's Minimates Battle Beasts. 

What comes with each figure?
The bulk of the figures each include a minimum of 5 accessories: a weapon, a shield, a trading card, and a pair of dice.   Three-packs appear to include bonus accessories, like a mat or an extra die.

How many are there?   Will there be more?
Lots, and seemingly no.   24 blind-boxed figures, about a dozen from multi-packs, and a healthy smattering of singles have come and gone and as of mid-2013, it seems this line has run its course.  Hasbro doesn't seem to be bringing this to the USA, either.

Is it "Beast Fight" or "Beast Saga?"
The Manga is "Beast Saga" and the Japanese name "ビーストサーガ" seems to translate accordingly.  There seems to  be some difficulty in getting the names right on the individual figures, too. 

Where can I order these?
Stores like Big Bad Toy Store and Robot Kingdom.

Are there proper English names for these guys?
Sort of.  Takara-Tomy has some English names in the URLs for the trading cards, which you can find here.  We're going to use those for the names in the checklist, but we'll include other common names too.

Will these come to non-import toy stores the USA?
Unknown. If they're as small as it seems, the dice in the stomach are a small projectile-- it is tough to tell, but these could be a choke hazard. Diamond Select Toys will be doing their own Battle Beasts line, but it is possible Hasbro will import this Takara-Tomy line much like they brought over Beyblade and Transformers. It's also possible they have the rights to bring the line over and won't, much like Zoids since roughly 2004.

Last edited 06/13/2014. Editors of this site fully cop to ignorance of the Japanese language on the solicitations.  There may be name/translation errors present.