Monday, October 5, 2015

Review: Hasbro Battle Beasts Tanglin Pangolin

Hasbro Battle Beasts Tanglin Pangolin Action FigureSince American toymakers tended to have (and still have) an allergy to really cheap toys, Tanglin Pangolin came out as part of an eight-pack. In the USA, series 3 was sold only in boxes of eight while the other series were two-packs or packaged with vehicles. This is one I didn't have as a kid and tracked down a few years ago. I didn't even really know what a pangolin was, but I dug armadillos and penguins and other creatures so why the heck not? These are tree-dwelling insect-eating armored mammals, and they're endangered which means kids of the 1980s probably were super into them. (I was a manatee fanatic myself.)