Monday, January 30, 2012

Battle Beasts Progress Report: No Progress

Still no real news since we're counting down, but why not look at a group shot? I finally tracked down the last two of the little buggers, so here's what basically amounts to the complete Diamond Select Battle Beasts line so far.

On the left, the Silver Gator was a 2010 Toy Fair freebie. Next, the Gold Gator was a gift-with-purchase at San Diego's Comic-Con in 2010. The black armored figure was the C2E2 exclusive, and I do not know how it was distributed. Finally, the red and black figure was a freebie in an unmarked Minimates carry case, which gave no indication he was in the box. I should note the mouths are not articulated, but are each opened at different angles for reasons I don't entirely know.

What will Diamond announce later this year? No idea. But for now, as far as I can tell, this is what a complete set of their Battle Beasts looks like.