Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Sculpted Battle Beasts Action Figures

Surprisingly, Diamond Select had a series of conceptual, fully-articulated, and supposedly 3 3/4-inch scale Battle Beasts action figures on display at their booth in San Diego this weekend for Comic-Con International 2010. Each figure is a brand new sculpt, lacking in the fire/water/wood game but fully carrying over much of the whimsy of the original line. We were quite pleased with the Iguana, Alligator, and Rhinoceros. The Octopus was a little goofy, and we hated the Ape.

Click here for all the figures via our Flickr feed.

San Diego Comic-Con 2010 Battle Beasts Figure

Here's a quick shot of the figure that was given as a gift-with-purchase at Comic-Con at the Diamond Select Toys booth. It's basically a redeco of the existing Gator, but with an axe rather than a sword. We'll have more on it shortly.

It is also worth noting that from my conversation with Diamond, this may well be the final entry in the line. So we got two figures. There were other Battle Beasts products shown, however.