Battle Beasts Minimates Checklist

Promotional and Convention Exclusive:
__ Alligator Warrior - Silver (Toy Fair 2010 Giveaway)
__ Alligator Warrior - Gold (Comic-Con 2010 Giveaway)
__ Alligator Warrior - Black (C2E2 2010 Giveaway)
__ Alligator Warrior - Red (Minimates Carry Case Exclusive)
__ Desmodius Bat - Black (NYCC 2018 Exclusive)
__ Merk Falcon - Hot Wings/Orange (SDCC 2013 Giveaway)
__ Merk Falcon - Shadow/Purple (SDCC 2013 Giveaway)
__ Vorin Ram - Clear Red (C2E2 2012 Exclusive)
__ Vorin Ram - Unpainted Grey (C2E2 2012 Dealer's Summit Giveaway)
__ Vorin Ram - Clear Blue (SDCC 2012 Giveaway)
__ Vorin Ram - Metallic Gold (SDCC 2012 Giveaway)
__ Vorin Ram - Stealth Armor (Diamond Retailer Incentive Giveaway Figure)
__ Vorin Ram & Zik Dragonfly 2-Pack (SDCC 2012 Exclusive)

Store Release:
__ Antalor the Moose vs. Anchyryx the Bat (TRU)
__ Bliss Reynolds vs. Strictus the Rattlesnake (Specialty)
__ Gruntos the Walrus vs. Scalpus the Rattlesnake (TRU)
__ Gruntos the Walrus and Tate Reynolds (Specialty)
__  Ruminant the Giraffe and Spyrnus the Hammerhead Shark (TRU 2016)
__ Merk the Falcon vs. Fenruk the Tarantula (Specialty)
__ Merk the Falcon vs. Spidron the Tarantula (TRU)
__ Vorin the Ram vs. the Vachonus the Scorpion (Specialty)
__ Vorin the Ram vs. the Scorpus the Scorpion (TRU)

When were these released?
Mostly in 2010-2013.  A second series has been officially announced as of Comic-Con 2013.  No plans have been announced to continue the line beyond one-offs and promotional figures.

Where are they sold?
You could buy the 2-packs at Toys R Us or at places where Diamond distributes toys, like comic shops and online toy stores.  Today it's mostly the secondary market, meaning eBay and Amazon.

Where can I order these online?
Wave 1 as a complete set is up at Entertainment Earth.  They may also still have Comic-Con exclusive figures and comic books.

How much do they cost?
Retail 2-packs are $7.50-$10.00.  Promotional and exclusive figures are a little more expensive, you may be best served checking eBay for those.

How big are they?
Standard Minimates size, plus a little bit-- slightly larger than a LEGO minifigure or a vintage Battle Beasts toy.  Gruntos and the Rattlesnakes also seem a little bit taller on top of that.  As an added bonus, their feet have holes which are compatible with LEGO studs if you have some LEGO stuff on hand.

What comes with each figure?
Each figure comes with multiple accessories and the human figures include clear display stands.  The beasts usually have 2 accessories each, although some like Merk the Falcon include 2 smaller bladed weapons, 2 larger bladed weapons, and a hat.

Last edited 9/17/2018.