Monday, August 12, 2013

Review: Hasbro Battle Beasts Pillager Pig

Hasbro Battle Beasts Pillager Pig Action FigureIn early 2012 it seemed as if Battle Beasts were really, actually going to make a comeback so I decided it was time to finish up my set. I hadn't picked up any new ones since 1988 or 1989, so I was off to eBay to buy a few comically oversized collections, which quickly and surprisingly cheaply finished up the collection minus a couple of weapons and Pillager Pig here, who just plain didn't show up on eBay for quite some time. Most of the figures cost me $3 or $4, this one was closer to $8. I figured, what the heck, I wanted to finish up my rubsign beast set and this was it! It was also my main motivation for buying the figure - I already had all the ones I wanted, and a few I didn't mind having, which is a weird thing that happens to me (and others) when buying some older toy lines. You got what you wanted - and then you decide to go ahead and buy the rest.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Review: Diamond Select Battle Beasts Minimates Shadow Merk

Diamond Select Battle Beasts Minimates Shadow Merk Action FigureIf you were one of the first people to the Diamond Select Toys booth each day at Comic-Con this year, Shadow Merk could be yours for free. (Also, if you went to the right parties, maybe you got one there too with a side of chicken wings.) Last year we were treated to about a dozen flavors of Vorin, and this year we're getting polybagged Merks. Interestingly, the figure seems to hold together better than the painted counterpart and looks really good - I think it even made me like the previous versions more. It's a rising tide raising all the other ships.