Monday, August 12, 2013

Review: Hasbro Battle Beasts Pillager Pig

Hasbro Battle Beasts Pillager Pig Action FigureIn early 2012 it seemed as if Battle Beasts were really, actually going to make a comeback so I decided it was time to finish up my set. I hadn't picked up any new ones since 1988 or 1989, so I was off to eBay to buy a few comically oversized collections, which quickly and surprisingly cheaply finished up the collection minus a couple of weapons and Pillager Pig here, who just plain didn't show up on eBay for quite some time. Most of the figures cost me $3 or $4, this one was closer to $8. I figured, what the heck, I wanted to finish up my rubsign beast set and this was it! It was also my main motivation for buying the figure - I already had all the ones I wanted, and a few I didn't mind having, which is a weird thing that happens to me (and others) when buying some older toy lines. You got what you wanted - and then you decide to go ahead and buy the rest.

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