Sunday, April 15, 2012

C2E2: How Many Battle Beasts Minimates Are In Series 1? We Ask Diamond!

Intrepid contributor Shaun Clayton went to C2E2 for the blog, and he sent along a recorded quick Q&A with your pal and mine, Zach Oat of Diamond Select Toys! Here's the choice quotes you need to know.

"This year series 1 will be coming out at Toys R Us and specialty. I do not know the assortment count for specialty, whether it will be four-packs or two-packs, and I do not know how much overlap there will be between them and the Toys R Us wave, but since there will be 8 figures in the Toys R Us wave, expect there to be anywhere from 12 to 15 different releases in series 1, in addition to the exclusive 2-pack we're doing for San Diego [Comic-Con in July]."

Shaun asked if anyone else would be getting exclusives beyond Toys R Us, and Zach replied:

"[When it comes to Minimates] Toys R Us and specialty always get exclusives, but it's a question of whether any will be shared between the two waves. It'll either be like the old Marvel movie formula, where they share 4 figures, or it'll be like the Marvel comic formula, where there are 8 in one [Toys "R" Us] wave and 7 in the other [specialty] wave, or it will be like the Ghostbusters formula where there are 8, and there is a 4-pack that has 2 new characters. Or there may be multiple 4-packs. I don't know if the specialty line has been nailed down at this point."

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