Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Beast Saga Group Shot from Saikyo Jump #7

Your pal and mine Sylvain from Dragonautes 2010 posted a new image from Saikyo Jump #7, a Japanese publication which seems to be the best (only) source of new data about Takaratomy's upcoming Beast Saga figures.

I grabbed the image and enlarged it in Photoshop, which provides slightly better (but not great) looks at several figures including a few we haven't seen before, like a panda and what may be a cat in some sort of crown.

The first wave of these guys is due in Japan in September, and if I read the dimensions on the solicitation right they're expected to fit in boxes which are around 60 mm tall.   As always, more as we have it!
[ SOURCE: Dragonautes 2010 ]

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  1. So awesome. thanks for posting. I borrowed the pic for my latest post too, hope you don't mind.