Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Diamond Select Posts SDCC Battle Beasts Gallery

On the Faces Book, Diamond Select Toys posted a really slick gallery of Vorin vs. Vik, the 2012 Comic-Con exclusives.  To the left, you'll see a delightfully freakish mutation made from mixing the two figures' parts up which begs the question: "Will we get enough parts to cobble together some Wuzzles before 2013 ends?"  Many scientists believe the answer may be "yes."

Surprisingly, this gallery also shows that there's deco UNDER Vorin's armor, and other nice little painted details that I'm going to guess none of us knew were there.  Slick!  Check 'em out.  These may be the first customs from the line.  Maybe.  (You decide.)

Also, some stores will  be selling these outside of the convention like sponsor/employer/advertiser Entertainment Earth, check for pricing and availability.

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