Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rise of the Beasts Update: Gold Lion and New Sculpts

Jon Karis wrote in with some new pictures and info from his Rise of the Beasts toy line!  He writes:

"So, back in the beginning of May, we got some pictures of the sample of the Gold Lion figure. You may or may not have seen them. Needless to say, the sculpting was really close to the original 3D figure, but the head and arms were badly out of proportion. Had they been done right, you would be getting a mailing address request from me right about now. However they weren't. >-<
So, we ended up having the Lion printed at 80mm to send to them as a reference. It arrived today along with a couple others. The Rhino at 60mm and a totally new figure (not shown). They are going to a friend down south this weekend, who is going to make some silicon molds and repro them. We'll use those to make not only an articulated prototype for the Lion to send to the original (80mm) factory in China, but also articulated proto s of the Rhino and his buddy to send to the current factory we are working with. And we will go from there.

At some point (once we get the final gold lion figures from China), if Kickstarter allows it for cancelled projects, I will send out a survey to get shipping addresses from all of you who are due a freebie gold lion. If I can't send the survey, I'll just post an update asking you to email me your info and ship that way.

I'll also be posting an update again, if the pricing with the new factory works out and we can bring you the figures at the same price as before. If it doesn't work out, we will just keep on working with the other options that we have going. There have been a few concerns voiced about not being able to get the same pricing on these figures when they do come out, and let me just say that I feel it is kind of pointless to come to market with these UNLESS we can give you that price point."

There's more!  You can read his info posted to Little Rubber Guys over here and more on Kickstarter over here.

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  1. Hi,

    so what size will the end figures be? 60 or 80?
    I dont mind size differences either. But doesn't a bigger Rhino make more sense then?
    Can I still sign up for these?