Sunday, June 10, 2012

Beast Saga Video with CG Animation

I've received a few emails and noticed a post on Sylvain's site for the new Beast Saga video, which you can see on  It's not quite a commercial, but it is about a minute long, computer animated, and has English narration.  We now know there are three beast tribes and we can get a peek at what look like a few more future figures.

It's not as memorable (nor as goofy) as Hasbro's original ad, but it does a good job of saying "Here is a new line of figures, also, we enjoyed Dragon Ball Z too."


  1. How have you been able to get a pic of the video with a higher resolution than I have ? When I look at the video it is all pixels everywhere.

  2. Pretty cool! I was planning on only sticking with the DST offerings, but these Beast Saga figures are getting more and more tempting.