Saturday, June 16, 2012

Beast Saga: More New Pictures from Tokyo Toy Show

Friend to all websites Seth Longmire tipped me off to a few new figures from the Tokyo Toy Show.  Twitter user @Masafun2011 showed an Admiral Turtle of some sort and many others, including new and previously seen figures:
Frog Knight 

Group Shot

Even more pictures can be found mirrored on Dragonautes 2010, from this Japanese gallery, so check out these posts too:
En direct de Tokyo
Les figurines en détails [BIG UPDATE]

These posts are particularly notable in that they feature some animals previously unreleased in North America in the old days, like a whale figure (shades of Sea Panic), an Owl, and a previously-unseen (save for THEGODBEAST's customs) an Orca.  

If you aren't excited about this line, or Diamond's, there's really just no hope for you anymore.

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