Thursday, May 24, 2012

Vintage Battle Beasts Find: Beast Eaters Box Art

On eBay, an auction surfaced for a "Beast Eaters" Swamp Smasher box mock-up.  As far as I know, nobody has written about these before and no prototypes exist.

There are potentially infinite concepts in the halls of Hasbro, Kenner, and other companies which will never see the light of day as artists sketch out concepts which never make it far enough along for us to see at retail, or even Toy Fair.  The above image is photoshopped from the art in the auction with some minor color correction,

If you know anything about this, or other unreleased Battle Beasts products from the 1980s, don't be shy! Reach out and touch us!

UPDATE: On May 29, this item sold for $583.49.

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  1. WHOA!! O_O!! That's freakin' awesome! I wish they made that, I'm a huge fan of toys that can eat other toys. I totally would have bought this as a kid, shame they never went forward with it.