Sunday, May 13, 2012

TONS of news! New Battle Beasts Minimates Interview with Zach Oat

Vorin... but which Vorin?
Over at ToyChestNews, Zach Oat of Diamond Select toys answers some questions about the one thing we're all looking forward to, new Battle BeastsClick here for the full interview.

Some highlights:

"The first Beast toys we'll have for sale will be a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive two-pack, featuring Vorin with his cloak down and an evil dragonfly character named Zik."

"Series 1 has both a scorpion and a tarantula, and both of them utilize a new four-pegged hip piece, which allows them to walk around on four legs."

"There will also be a couple of figures based on the book's human protagonists."

"They're two inches tall, they're really poseable, they cost less than $10 for a 2-pack... it just made a lot of sense for the brand."

There you go, Beast fans!  A new picture of a Vorin figure (above) is likely the Stealth Vorin, but as it was not explicitly labeled we'll leave that up to you to decide for now. (And in other news, who can sell me a Stealth Vorin?)

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