Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Review: Diamond Select Battle Beasts Minimates C2E2 2012 Grey Vorin

Last week we looked at the clear red release, but this week I'm looking at Grey Vorin. This figure was distributed to retailers at an event at C2E2 (or so I've heard) so it's possible your local comic shop might have one to sell you. It's pretty much the same as the red one in terms of functionality, but the plastic feels a little stiffer and it does something particularly amazing in that it proves how much better a figure which is painted a single color can look compared to one which is molded in that color. In my other hundreds of toy reviews, I've noticed that a painted face often looks better than a molded face, and Vorin is no exception. The way light bounces off paint, in this case, changes a figure from pretty dang good to borderline spectacular. The candylike red figure looks nice-- don't get me wrong-- but the grey figure looks like it was painted in primer to use as a pitch sample of some sort, which I suppose it kind of is. When I have this figure in my hands, I can pretty much tell without a doubt that this line is going to be beautiful. Even with just one color (the figure is partially white plastic painted grey), the detail pops in all sorts of places. The red one is fun to play with, sure, but the grey one helps you to see all the sculpted fur, the knife on the back, and every teeny little bit of work that went into this figure.

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