Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Two New Armorvors Incoming from Onell Design

Not one, but two new Glyos Armorvor action figures are coming this month! One will be released on Friday, the other is exclusive to C2E2.

Soon to be sold online at Onell Design, the black and red Reydurran Mimic Armorvor will be black with red highlights.  It will be $8, and sold out before you remembered you forgot to buy one.  Limit 2.

It will be joined by TheGodBeast Exclusive C2E2 clear red full-production not-a-custom Infection Armorvor, which will be a mere $10 and come in absolutely beautiful packaging with great art and a swell card inside a plastic baggie.  It's limited to 3 per person.  If you're in Chicago, go to C2E2 and grab one.  (Get two, I'll want one too and as far as I know there won't be a mail order option for certain just yet.)

TheGodBeast himself will be on hand selling matching custom hand-cast heads you can swap out for this one, so bring some extra coin to buy a few of those.  They're awesome!

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