Sunday, April 14, 2013

Rise of the Beasts Update - Scorpion Picture, Updates

If you are very old, you may remember a recent Kickstarter project for Rise of the Beasts. This was to be a 2-inch-ish line of figures which has yet to make it out as a production item, but preproduction continues and an update was just posted to the original Kickstarter listing.

The good news? Here's a look at a Scorpion figure sample!
The bad news? The Gold Lion freebie has yet to be finished, and the factory doesn't look like it's going to deliver the goods.

All  I can say is thanks to Mr. Jon Karis for giving us updates on the line, and I know I wouldn't fault him if the gold lions ended up not making it out or were a thing I'd have to pay for.  (Free is nice, but you know, I think most of us who supported the line can afford a few bucks for a figure when it's ready.)

Enough of my blabbing - click here to see the update.

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