Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Toy Fair 2013 Beast Round-Up

As we've said in the past, there's an update: and that's that there is no update.

As far as I could tell, Beast Saga was not on display in any form at New York Toy Fair.  Hasbro didn't show it and nobody else seems to be importing it.

Diamond Select Toys' Battle Beasts line was nowhere to be seen inside Diamond's booth.  I was told the line was not dead... just that there was nothing to show right now.

Naturally there was no Armorvor presence, and I didn't see any sign of Rise of the Beasts or other similar toys

There was an awful lot of Legends of Chima in standard LEGO minifigure scale plus larger, Bionicle-sized "constraction" kits.  We'll be posting a gallery of a few dozen images over the next day or two.  I just got home from New York as I type this and need to finish things up and go to bed after being up for almost a solid day.

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  1. Disappointing for beasts fans... If I can please some of you guys, a japanase relation told me Takara had prepared over 100 beast saga figures. My friend also saw the beast saga octopus unpainted prototype... Can't wait to see it too.