Saturday, February 16, 2013

Toys R Us Battle Beasts 2-Packs In Stores Now

As part of a mid-February reset, Toys R Us stores near you most likely have their Diamond Select Toys Battle Beasts Minimates in stores now, marking the first time in roughly 25 years that those two words appeared on figure 2-packs in the USA.  Each set is $7.49, and they are decorated differently than those sold to the comic book shops.  Toys R Us also has an exclusive pair of beasts, pictured here.

We've all waited a long time for this day, so good hunting this weekend Beast fans!

1 comment:

  1. Hi, big fan o Battle Beasts for years (from 1987 when they "arrived" at my homeland Greece), so I decided this year to buy these new Minimates Battle Beasts!

    I saw at your Checklist section that the Toys R Us 2-packs, some Beasts have different names although there are the same figures, is that correct?

    I'm looking at eBay for the Battle Beasts and the different packs I found conduses me a little!

    PS. Did you know that in Greece, a local company produced their own Battle Beasts, in mono-color (5 or 6 different though) and only the first series was produced?

    Happy new Year