Thursday, February 21, 2013

Review: Takara-Tomy Beast Saga Bamet Burst Action Figure

Takara-Tomy Beast Saga Bamet Burst Action FigureI don't know what Bamet Burst is. I'm no ornithologist, and since he doesn't even have wings I might be missing some larger point. This clear version (as well as the painted version) are awesome-looking figures but as to authenticity, I'm too bird-ignorant to know what it is I'm looking at here.
The figure has 4 points of articulation and is is pretty clear. The jewel-like look is really nicely done here, as the clear, sort of colorless plastic is set of by a rich, deep clear blue. Devoid of paint save for his gold eyes, the figure looks really weird. And great. The sculpt is wonderful, but the color combination feels like a product which fell out of a time warp. This is like the negative-universe version of another real toy.

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  1. I don't have many that came from the booster packs, but I do have this one and I like it. The deep translucent blue looks fantastic opposite the clear plastic.