Thursday, July 12, 2012

SDCC 2012: Exclusive Battle Beasts Vorins

While I don't know if this is everything, it turns out at least two versions of Vorin were made for Comic-Con 2012 by Diamond Select Toys.  A clear blue Vorin showed up at their booth this morning, and I found a golden Vorin in a swag bag from a party held by the Heavy Metal magazine people.   More as I have it!

I can safely say that the gold one is absolutely beautiful in person, and the blue one looks very nice.  (It's dark and late, it might be incredible but I'm in a dark room right now.) Update: Yeah, the blue one is awesome too.

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  1. can you give any more info on the party? was it just the "metal magazine" party? I want to make sure I am hunting everywhere I can for one!