Sunday, July 29, 2012

Enter the Armorvor: Glyos Releases First Beast Figure

UPDATE: SOLD OUT as of 10:37 Eastern time.  

If you can't wait for more releases from Beast Saga, Rise of the Beasts, or Battle Beasts, check out the unnecessary-but-why-stop-now fourth line we'll cover here, a bit.  The Venjorun Armorvor from Onell Design is live now, and is only $8.  It's not as cheap or as 2-packey as the great Vorin and Zik, but it's incredibly customizable and built on the famous, beloved, and just plain fun Glyos System.  This is a unique plug system which basically lets you dismantle and swap figure parts easily.

This figure has been in development at Onell Design for a long time now, and the first one is on sale right now, much to my surprise.  Order it here for $8, if you see this tomorrow it's probably already sold out.

It's an armored wolf figure, and the alternate armored head is a thing of beauty.

Historically, figures from this line can sell out in hours, and some in minutes.  I ordered 3.  I assume others will as well, so if you see this go order one right now.

For more on this line, check out an article I did last year on the first public showing of the early prototype.

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For more on Glyos, check out The Glyos News Dump (, TheGodBeast Customs ( Outer Space Men News (, Glyos Transmissions Web Blog (Official Onell Design site).   Other than Minimates, this is one of the most customizable lines out there today.


  1. So is that it... No more? I'm not familiar with Glyos runs. Are us 99% Glyos/Armovor fans going to have a chance to get one!? :O

    I sure hope so! :D

    1. Generally speaking every mold Onell offers gets a repaint eventually. The only exceptions are customs, OMFG Series 1 (which is from October Toys, Onell just got a unique color), and OSM Glyaxian Xodiac (Onell got an exclusive color here, too).

      I will be stunned if we don't see another run of the Armorvor, but it will probably be in a different color if history says anything.

  2. Damn, I can't believe I missed this! On the bright side this colorway was only doing it for me because the figure is amazing. So until next time!