Monday, July 23, 2012

Beast Saga: Clear Figures Coming?

From (I've never heard of it either) and via Dragonautes2010, there's a link on clear "blind box chase figures" which, I think, may be partially speculation.  The clear characters shown are NOT the figures from the assortment (which may or may not be blind boxed), but rather, are clear versions of the single ones being sold in Japan come September.

They may be chase pieces or inserts, they may be inserts in a blind assortment, they may even end up being "lunchtime specials" from the factory.  I don't speak Japanese and I can't tell-- but if you have any facts (no speculation please), our comment section is open.

As a collector who is very interested in this line, I'll happily track down a convention exclusive or a store exclusive within reason.  But rare insert chase figures which may be cherry-picked and/or sold on eBay?  I'm gonna pass, thanks.  Just give me the painted ones.

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  1. The blind boxes assortment has been changed since the first announcement. There are now 8 sculpts that are the ones shown here. It is still unsure if all the assortment will be clear or regular color with clear chase figures.