Saturday, February 20, 2010

Toy Fair 2010: The Gator Returns

If you were one of the many lucky people to walk through Diamond Select Toys' quarters in New York in February 2010, you got handed a little plastic bagged figure which appears very similar to the "Gator Guard" shown at Comic-Con 2009. This time, his armor is silver rather than gold and unlike that first figure, you can actually have this one. (Well, not this one-- we borrowed the bagged image from our pals at Altered States Magazine.)

Reading "Battle Beasts: The Roar Rages On" on the bag, there's no sign of any "Takara" or "Hasbro" copyrights, which, we assume, means Diamond now owns the property. From all the reports out of New York, it seems there's no actual plan to release these at retail, but bagged sample figures like this one are making it out on eBay and elsewhere for quite a premium, with the first two reaching $100. The prices have since come down a little, but wait for our full review before shelling our your cash on this one.

It's worth noting the figure has no name and no Fire, Wood, Water, or Suburst Warrior rub sign stickers like the originals.

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