Saturday, February 20, 2010

Battle Beasts Return: A Look at the Comic-Con 2009 Debut

During the summer of 2009, Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum confirmed, more or less, that they are planning to do Minimates based on the original Hasbro Battle Beasts toy range, also known as Takara's Beastformers.

Anyway, at Comic-Con 2009, the very first (and so far only) sculpted figure that the public has ever seen was revealed and a picture got out to the web. This gold-armored, green-skinned gator was built off a basic Minimates figure, as underneath the gator head is a standard Minimates cylinder noggin and under the sculpted armor, tail, hands, and feet is a basic body. If nothing else, it shows just how versatile that body truly is.

Reports got out that this figure will be bundled in the long-delayed Minimates Laboratory Playset which now seems to be pushed back to-- sadly-- January 2011. According to some sources, the figure will be named "Gator Guard" and the second figure in this set will be a Minimates M.A.X. Tactical Ops figure, which looks a bit like one of the troopers from Terminator Salvation.

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