Monday, December 3, 2012

Beast Saga Card Translation Notes, Seahorse En Route?

Not filler, I swear.  (OK, maybe a bit.) 

There's a thread on the October Toys Forums in which they translate one of the Beast Saga TCG cards, which is pretty handy and telling.  Killer Shark's translated bio and turn-ons/turn-offs are present, and here's the fun thing: it turns out the little gold coins on the bottom of the cards are a sort of a peer review, it's another character commenting on the figure in question.  Thanks to our pal Seth for the heads-up!

So when shooting the Turtle figure for a future review, I couldn't help but notice one had a fairly nasty looking seahorse on the back which, at this time, we haven't heard of from Takara-Tomy.  Most of the little coins show existing characters, but a few, like this one, we haven't seen yet.


We should have some more news for ya soon.  December is expected to be a good month for battling beast figures.

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