Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Beast Saga Capsule Toys Released in Japan

A Japanese toy blog has pictures of the Beast Saga Capsule (Gachagacha) toys.  I'm looking where I can get a set of these (if you have a cheap lead, do share) but I would like to point out that this blog post shows how they're different.  They're roughly the same size as the standard figures (maybe a hair smaller), but the arms seem to be unjointed. No weapons are included, but Liorga's head has a closed mouth and the bird seems to be unique (and exclusive) to this grouping.

More as I have it!  And heck, hopefully we'll all have them soon.

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  1. I found these at a Toys R Us near my place in Osaka. They are just slightly smaller that the normal releases, but have no cards. I didn't get the whole set, but score the bird. In a surprising nod, it's name is General Hawk.