Sunday, November 11, 2012

Video: Beast Saga Dice Arena BS-14 from Takara Tomy

Behold, the Takara-Tomy Beast Saga Dice Arena BS-14!  It's not very effective. Watch the video, and bonus points to you for clicking on the ads so I get a nickel. Thank you for watching!


  1. Haha, really?
    Didn't their marketing videos show the dice bouncing around in the tray?
    You're saying there is no bouncing action?

  2. I will receive mine this week. I will let you know if the bouncing feature is just broken on yours or if this is really a missing feature.

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  4. Wow, yeah I ordered one but won't get it from Japan for a while, so I'd be interested to know if it might be broken as well. Based on the advert it looked like the vibrating function was the main feature.

  5. I have received my playset and the vibrating feature works well. Every time the dices fall in the arena it starts vibrating. I think yours is certainly broken.