Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Battle Beasts Minimates - Toys R Us Exclusive Wave Revealed, Names Too

If you're anything like me, this is the moment you've been waiting for!  This is as close as the Battle Beasts Minimates will be to the mass market this year, and not only do they look great, but for the first time that I've seen - they have names!  Check out this awesome group shot.
Individual 2-pack pics, information, and names are after the cut.  (It's a lot of stuff.)  I hope you're excited... because MOOSE.

OK, so here's what our pals at Diamond Select Toys wrote us:

You've seen the Battle Beasts that are coming to comic shops and specialty stores -- featuring characters and paint schemes inspired by the hit IDW comic book, they will be a must-own for anyone who's read the action-packed story. But there are more Beasts on the way! In addition to the specialty assortment, there will be an exclusive assortment of Beasts that are only at Toys "R" Us and this December! Featuring characters and color schemes not found at comic shops, these two-packs will help you build your beast army!
Vorin vs. Scorpus
The heroic ram leader faces off against a notorious desert bandit -- a massive scorpion who preys on all who cross his path!

Merk vs. Spidron
Vorin's deadly falcon comrade takes on an unbeatable eight-legged gladiator! Spidron is his name, and battle is his game!

Gruntos and Scalpus
Infiltrating a warlord's keep, the trio's good-natured walrus powerhouse clashes with this rattlesnake gatekeeper!

Antalor vs. Nychirix
The solitary moose warrior Antalor has run afoul of one of the deadliest Beast assassins, the bat Nychirix!

Look for these figures exclusively at Toys "R" Us and next month, and look for the comic shop and specialty-store exclusive assortment, with different colors and characters!

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