Friday, August 17, 2012

Battle Beasts Series 1: Official Reveal, Some Details

They're  apparently going to be here around the end of 2012! The long-awaited Battle Beasts Minimates will be solicited in Diamond's Previews come September, meaning preorders are just days away, folks!

Specialty (read: comic book stores and the Internets) will be offered 4 different 2-packs in the first wave, including: Gruntos & Tate, Snake & Bliss, Tarantula & Merk, and Vorin & Scorpion.  (Character names were not given for some of the animals at this time.)   Tate and Bliss, the human figures from the IDW comic book series, are exclusive to specialty and Toys R Us will have different exclusive characters in their stead, plus variant deco from what I was told.

Our pal Zach from Diamond supplied us with the images, and some information on the characters:

Vorin the Ram vs. the Scorpion
The leader of the the heroic band of rebels faces off with the leader of a nasty band of desert Beasts!

Merk the Falcon vs. The Tarantula
Vorin's deadly comrade takes on one of the creepiest Beasts he's ever encountered!

Gruntos the Walrus and Tate Reynolds (exclusive)
The trio's good-natured powerhouse teams up with his newfound human compatriot!

Bliss Reynolds (exclusive) vs. The Snake
The human heroine is hunted by a slithering Beast for her knowledge of the Dread Weapons!

Well! I'm excited.  More details will no doubt be coming soon-- weapons, for example-- but this is indeed good news for fans of all things Battle Beasts!

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