Friday, August 3, 2012

Battle Beasts #4 Comic Book Solicitation in New Previews

Good news-- there's a new Battle Beasts comic book solicitation in the new previews! (But don't read it if you don't want the plot of issues 2 and 3 spoiled.)  

Bad news-- it's issue #4 of 4!  No word yet on if a sequel series is in the works, or if it's going to be a Transformers-esque "#80 of a 4-Issue Limited Series" kind of a gag, but this could be it.  As such, be sure to pick up a copy when the potentially final issue hits stores later this year!

Will Vorin get his groove back?  Will Gruntos' pizza arrive before it gets cold?  And will Merek find love in the city?  Hopefully all this and more await us as the series concludes!

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