Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rise of the Beasts Kickstarter Plug Pulled, Size Matters

After the tremendous outpouring of support (and money) to the tune of 170 fans at an average of $99.83 per figure, it turns out there was another... shortcoming. (See what I did there?)

This morning, rep Jon Karis had this to say on the Little Rubber Guys forums:
"I found out this morning that the factory came back late last night and said they can only do the figures at the 80mm scale which is 1/3 larger than the 60mm they promised. According to them, 60mm is just too small for them to handle. There was simply not enough time to notify everyone and give them the option of cancelling their pledge. Had this news come a week ago, an update would have gone out letting people know and the Kickstarter would have lived or died based on the 80mm size change. So really, the only option was to cancel.
That being said. The gold lion has already been paid for and is being made at 80mm instead. It will be available for free to everyone who pledged at the $45 or higher level (as promised).

The upside of this whole situation is that there are a couple other avenues that will allow the figures to be made at 60mm and sooner. Just not at this manufacturer.

I just found out about this deal breaker early this morning, P! found out late last night. So rather than take your money and hope for the best, we cancelled. There really was no other option.I hope this provides some clarification for those of you who are rightfully upset and confused. For those of you who are still pissed after reading this, all I can say is I am sorry that we hit this bump, but cancelling the Kickstarter was absolutely the right thing to do, based on the last minute info from the factory.

I will gladly take egg on my face over this hiccup, when the alternative was letting the project fund and taking a gamble with your money.

I'm sorry guys, but there really was no other way."

There you go.


  1. Are Battle Beasts cursed toys ? First Hasbro let the line died, then DST took years before doing anything with the name and now this project. I wonder if the beasts in armor will ever see light of the day again.

  2. Well in...25 days we'll be seeing how the roar is raging on, so hopefully it's something good and not another waiting list. :-/