Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rise of the Beasts Kickstarter Met, Closes Tomorrow

It's not too late! Rise of the Beasts on Kickstarter ends tomorrow, so get those pledges in! The goal was already reached, so the fine folks running this program are tossing in a bonus Series 2 figure if you pledge $45 or more. No idea who or what it is, or if it'll be a squat figure or a thinner one.

If you're a member of the LittleRubberGuys.com forums-- and for the pictures there, you should be-- this thread is packed with pictures and development updates, with digital renderings, test shots, prototype packaging, and all that great stuff. (And we were lucky enough to get permission to mirror some of them here!)

So g'wan, and pledge. At least get the little fat guy out of it, you know you'll want one later and the price includes shipping in the USA. (Remember how long the wait was to get your OMFGs?)

According to their spokesman, the release of these figures is expected in July or August. If the goal overshoots a little more, series 2 will hit around the same time-- so pledge away, if you've been waiting!

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