Thursday, June 20, 2019

Adjacent Review: Fisher-Price Imaginext Pirates Shark Minisub Figure with Vehicle

Fisher-Price Imaginext Pirates Shark Minisub Figure with VehicleIt's not a  Battle Beasts figure, but what is these days?

The Imaginext line has been a pretty good mix of toys aimed at younger boys. You've got big licenses like Spongebob Squarepants and Batman alongside home-grown lines of pirates, planes, monsters, castles, and interestingly no sign of He-Man. Part of a recent Pirates range, the Shark Minisub is really neither. You get an orca figure and some sort of barrel-based jetski with a periscope. It sold for about $7 and I recently realized I had missed it, and due to the Battle Beasts nature of the figure I had to run out and find one. Thankfully Kohl's rarely marks things down in a timely fashion, so it was reasonably easy to find one. The bulk of the rest of the line are humanoid sharks, with a mix of sea life and strange mechanical things. There's a Shark Mech Suit, which I don't need per se but I'm not going to skip it if I see one in a store again. The line also has numerous human pirates, including a Captain Hook-esque scallywag and Davey Jones (sadly not Davy Jones), and several others. I gravitate toward the weird humanoid animals.

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