Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Review: Four Horsemen Gothitropolis Cardinus Action Figure

Four Horsemen Gothitropolis Cardinus Action FigureGenerally speaking most Kickstarter toys have one exclusive-to-early-backer figure, but not Gothitropolis. The Four Horsemen took about eight extra months to deliver Cardinus and his friends, and during this time those who neglected to support the line on Kickstarter could pre-order figures at a slightly higher price. All of these save for one pre-sold out, so at this point it looks like if you want these figures and didn't pre-order them, you're out of luck. Given how long some of the Horsemen Glyos-compatible figures stuck around this is probably a wise move, but seeing how wonderful these figures are I'm sure more than a few of you are going to read this review with some anger and hope of schadenfreude. Despite delays, high costs, more delays, and the Horsemen flat-out saying figures may have problematic joints I experienced no problems with Cardinus (and as of my writing this, I'm still opening the other figures) save for the spare feet. The alternate claws had a stuck joint, but this was easily remedied by my favorite Boiling Water Trick.

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