Monday, May 20, 2013

Review: Takara-Tomy Beast Saga Janjan GachaGacha Action Figure

Takara-Tomy Beast Saga Janjan Action FigureI dig pandas and a twist of fate brought me Janjan as a capsule figure before his standard release. The capsule figure has no fist holes and no articulation, and is a smidgen smaller. The strange thing is that the capsule panda is pretty good, and it has a few points of deco I like better than the standard release. For starters, his eyes look less drugged-out with smaller black dots. Also, the arms have no black paint on the armor - the 3-pack panda has black on part of the armor, making it look like it's his fur or skin. Of course, the capsule toy lacks painted fists and that's a real bummer.

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