Saturday, October 13, 2012

NYCC Battle Beasts Minimates: New Deco, Weapons

Friend of the blog (and all blogs, really) Nik fired off some shots of the Diamond Select Toys booth in New York from Comic Con!  While no new characters (other than the moose) seem to be on display, you'll note the Scorpion, Tarantula, and Gruntos seem to have alternate deco and weapons!  Vorin appears to be done up in his metallic paint, too, which probably means we're seeing the Toys R Us versions.  (I'm just working from pictures, facts I don't have handy.)  We really haven't seen a lot of the figures' gear yet, so this is a most pleasant surprise.

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  1. Both specialty and TRU sets were on display. Gruntos, Merk and Vorin have different paint finishes, and the snake, scorpion and tarantula have completely different coloration.