Saturday, December 24, 2011

Because I Missed It: Minimates Carry Case Exclusive Red Battle Beast

I just got this in the mail off of the eBay and I figured you might like to see it-- I never saw a review of this figure and will be posting one later.

I've never seen a shot of the red Alligator figure-- which isn't named or even labeled as a Battle Beast with the carry case-- carrying his weapon before. The packaged case as no indication that it sports an exclusive figure, let alone a Battle Beast, which means that this is-- as the kids of 2009 might say-- a "packaging fail."

Anyway, just wanted to share-- a full review will come later but I can't tell you how ridiculously happy finally seeing this little guy in person makes me. Three down, one to go, and just 110 days to go until we see if we're getting action figures, more Minimates or something else!

(My vote is for more Minimates!)

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