Thursday, July 21, 2011

Battle Beasts Comic-Con 2011 Update: No Update

I talked to a few of the guys at Diamond Select Toys about an update. I was told no additional Battle Beasts are planned in 2011, so yeah, there's that.

On the bright side a lot of neat Minimates toys were shown from other lines, like a glow-in-the-dark pirate ship with tons of moving parts and a really slick APC that looks like it would be right at home in any of their Minimates lines. This year's promotional figures are pirate-based and quite good so far. (Thank you Mr. Oat.)

As far as I can tell no branded Battle Beasts items are on deck for a while, but I've got high hopes someone will take the baton and do a similar line some day soon.


  1. I'm wondering if it'd have been better just to get Hasbro to re-release the originals versus waiting for DST to figure out what the heck they are doing with them.

    I'd be happy with a 2 or 4 pack of just Aligator mini-mates at this point too. It's a cool mini-mate and would be cool to have multiples of them for troop building.

  2. Do you mean that you have some kind of information or rumors that something similar will be released with another name ? Maybe a name who will sound more like Beastformers than Battle Beasts.